Thursday, July 17, 2014

What makes a Good Pizza?

Well for starters, making it from scratch as well as using the most freshest ingredients helps!

The kitchen staff at Trattoria Timone begins their prep every single morning at 9:00 am and they don't stop until the dinner rush is over! I started my work shift at 11:00 am, walking into the kitchen, I could smell the fresh bread being baked and I was thinking to myself, "what should I write my very first blog about?" One of our sous chefs was about to make the dough for the pizza and I thought to myself..."that's it!" Everyone loves pizza, so I thought this is a great way to start.

The pizza dough is never frozen, it is made fresh every day and you CAN taste the difference! The sauces are made from scratch, no cans, no MSG's, no added preservatives, it is the closest you can get to having true Italian cuisine, without flying across the ocean to Italy.

I watched and photographed every step of the way in making one our pizzas. First, mixing the ingredients together to make the dough, rolling it out and making small balls out of it,  followed by rolling it out flat, putting the sauce and toppings on and lastly of course putting it in our stone oven.

As I watched the pizza's rise, I thought to am I going to choose which one to have for lunch?!? :)

For all you pizza lovers, you must join us for a traditional thin crust pizza from our stone oven and if you have gluten allergies, we can make it gluten free!!

PS. If anyone is wondering, I decided to go with the classic Margarita Pizza for lunch - a excellent choice for any pizza lover!