Monday, July 20, 2015

A Taste of Success

A Taste of Success 

A story of Chef & Owner Michel Fronteddu. Read and find out all about how Trattoria Timone became the restaurant it is today. 

Click on the link below to read the article:

His wife Anna - his partner in not just business but life.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Summer time is just so peachy!

Aren't Peaches the best?

When I think of summer, I think FRESH, BRIGHT and SWEET. 

What better fruit then peaches. 

Last night we incorporated peaches in our drinks, appetizer and dessert.

Our Amaretto White Sangria 

Using our Amaretto Mix which is 1/2 oz of Amaretto and 1 oz sweet lemon juice.
4 oz White Wine - we use Pinot Grio
A splash of 7 up 
A splash of lime mix
Soda water 
Fresh Mint
Fresh Peaches 
Fresh Blueberries 

This drink is quite refreshing, not overly sweet and has a little bit of sourness to it. An excellent drink to have on the patio!

Summer Peach and Burrata Salad

As for our appetizer, we featured a nice salad with vine ripe tomatoes, baby arugula, fresh basil, peaches, extra virgin olive oil and a balsamic reduction. 

A little background information on Burrata Cheese for anyone who doesn't know. The outside texture is similar to Buffalo Mozzarella, but the inside is like stracciatella - pieces of cheese and very creamy. 
What else makes this cheese so interesting is that it is very very FRESH.  It is made fresh in ITALY and flown into Canada, brought to Trattoria and the kitchen has no more than 24-48 hours to use it. 
This cheese is not cheap, however it really is amazing. To describe it in one word, I'd say fluffy. It's light as air and the combination of tomatoes with peaches makes this a very summery and light appetizer. The basil is nice addition and it smells so good :)!

Dessert Trio

Let's be serious...there is always room for dessert!

Especially this one.

Starting off from the top of the plate, we have peach, sweet orange goat cheese strudel wrapped in crispy, buttery Phyllo topped with sugar and whipped cream. 

Then we have slowly braised triple-sec poached pear right in the centre of the plate. 

Lastly, we have a brandy, peach creme brule with a golden brown sugar crust and a smooth custard centre.

Enjoy summer while it lasts, have a sip of sangria, enjoy a nice light salad and always save room for dessert. 

Friday, January 2, 2015

Hello 2015!


Christmas time is a busy time of the year. Everyone is running around shopping for their loved ones, wrapping, decorating and of course being social - going out for dinner and drinks. We at Trattoria get to see all the special gatherings, whether it's a small intimate family setting or a large corporate function. 

Going into the month of December, we put our game faces on. Lunches come fast and furious.  Walking into the doors in the morning, the kitchen staff front to back is of course prepping.  Going into the front dining room, Linda and myself manage the reservations ensuring all the parties are setup and not just the table setup but also the preset menus for the large parties.  As both phone lines are going for reservations, customers start piling in. It really is one big rush. Once everyone is sat, which often happens all within a 30 minute span, the orders come in. First of course to the bar, who is not only making all the drinks for everyone but also is serving customers dining around the bar top. As the dining room staff begins to feel the rush, you can see the kitchen staff standing there getting ready for their hit. Then all of a sudden the kitchen goes from 0 to a 100. The kitchen pumps out over 200-250 meals for lunch. Every dish comes out hot, fresh and fast. 

Once the food running rush is over, the dining room staff is in charge of bussing, setting and of course polishing...lots and lots of polishing! So much so that sometimes we can't see one another over the stacks of glass. Once the majority of polishing and setting is done, it's hard to believe that four hours could go by so fast. The kitchen gets right back into it, cleaning up and starting to prep for the dinner service. Mostly during this time Linda and I as management stay through until dinner, we sit down to eat and we get right back up, mostly because the phones are ringing but also because we begin our setup for dinner. 

Dinner time is much more intimate. The lights are low, the candles are lit and the drinks are flowing. 

During dinner we will do another 200-250 covers, if it's during the week. On the weekend, Friday and Saturday nights we will do around 400 covers. During the month of December, the kitchen serves about 300-650 meals daily. 

As the Christmas rush came to its end, all of us here at Trattoria Timone, although exhausted, could not be more thrilled with how the season went. Our customers were happy which made us happy. We hit our record in sales in 2014 making it one hell of a year! 
At the end, we celebrated with our families with good food and wine :) and came back from the holidays to get ready for the last final rush of 2014...New Years Eve!

The head Chef/Owner, Michel Fronteddu, prepares a special New Years Eve menu days ahead, which no one knows about until the day of. 

During this busy time, we do press the time limits as the demand for seating is so high. For the customers who want more time, we always encourage the later seating or of course once the December rush is over, we can offer more time when requested. 

New Years Eve 2014 was a success! We did 500 dinners from the hours of 4:00-10:00 and I can't emphasize enough how skilled our kitchen staff is. They worked so hard, standing on their feet all day. Not a lot of people realize that they come in at 9:00 am, some earlier. Once 10-10:30 pm rolls around they are beyond exhausted and rightfully so. All of this is the package deal of running a restaurant and a lot of people say it can be one of the most stressful jobs, which is true, but it is a labour of love and if you don't love what you do, you shouldn't be doing it. We at Trattoria Timone LOVE what we do and I think we do it well. We love our jobs, we love our staff and we love our loyal customers. 

Thank you for supporting us throughout the years.

2014 has been a great year here at Trattoria, we have been blessed in so many ways. 2014 was the year we reached #1 on TripAdvisor and #1 on Consumer Choice Award, I'd say that was one of our biggest accomplishments and of course we wouldn't be able to say that without thanking all of our customers that took the time to write all the nice reviews :)!

Let's make 2015 another great year. 

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year from our family to yours!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Knowing the Difference

Choosing where to eat can seem like a simple decision, especially when there are so many options out there, but knowing the facts can make a HUGE difference to where you eat.
Corporate restaurants are vastly taking over making it difficult for family owned businesses to survive.
As a family owned restaurant in the heart of Oakville for over 20 years, we can say there are several things that separate us.
For starters…quality. The quality of food is not comparable. For instance, let’s use a seafood pasta course as an example. A chain restaurant will use frozen clams, shrimp, fish, etc. and add it to the pasta using canned pre-made sauce. We use suppliers for our produce which is delivered fresh DAILY. Once we run out of something, that’s it, it’s sold out for the night and the next morning we get more fresh shipment. Every sauce is made from scratch, there are no MSG’s and no preservatives added. When you choose to eat here, it is like eating at home because it is simply homemade.

Consistency…while some may argue that chains are very consistent in that they don’t change, you’re right, they are, but that’s not the same kind of consistency you should be looking for. How many times have you gone out to a chain and you order a meal but you say, “I don’t want the onions” and they reply, “I’m sorry it already comes with onions.” Why? Because it is pre-made. When you come here, you will find consistency in quality and service, but if you order a pasta and you want to add chicken, change the sauce to rose, remove the artichokes, etc., you absolutely can because we make everything fresh on site. 
ServiceOur servers are professional servers that do this for a living. Most of our staff has been with us for many many years. 
The owner is chef Michel Fronteddu who started this business and still works in the kitchen and is the genius behind the tasty menu that we all enjoy, including myself! Anna, his wife, works at the restaurant and customers love to chat with her and the idea of having both of them around is not only reassuring but it also it is part of the whole package deal - you will never walk into a chain and see the owner. Why? Because it is all corporate, the owners are not involved, they are simply investors. 
Every morning, the same staff comes in and preps in the kitchen and works through the whole day until night time. In the dining room, the same managers, servers, bartenders come in and they know that Mr. so and so likes only lime with his water and not lemon or the regular that sits at the bar and has been doing so for years, so our bartender Maciek has the place setting ready for him with a newspaper. The hostesses know the regulars who always come in and sit at a certain table and not just because they like that spot, but also because they’ve shared birthdays, anniversaries and other special moments at that table. We have customers who have been coming here when their children were babies and now they have children of their own and they’ve shared all those special moments with us, which makes us one very fortunate restaurant.

The other thing about service is that we care, we care if you don’t like something, if your upset, if you love something or if you’re happy with what we are doing. We definitely care about you - our customer.
These are just some of the small touches that separate local restaurants from corporate. Wherever you live, you probably know a local spot similar to ours and if you don’t take the time to know the difference and support local owners, the fear is that we will disappear. Corporate chains will take over and you won’t have a choice. It will become harder to find that local restaurant in your hometown that cares so much and makes everything with the top ingredients who also supports other local suppliers and farmers.
Please know the difference and keep that in mind when you make your next choice on where to dine. We care, we love our customers and we want to continue striving at what we love to do. 

Thursday, July 17, 2014

What makes a Good Pizza?

Well for starters, making it from scratch as well as using the most freshest ingredients helps!

The kitchen staff at Trattoria Timone begins their prep every single morning at 9:00 am and they don't stop until the dinner rush is over! I started my work shift at 11:00 am, walking into the kitchen, I could smell the fresh bread being baked and I was thinking to myself, "what should I write my very first blog about?" One of our sous chefs was about to make the dough for the pizza and I thought to myself..."that's it!" Everyone loves pizza, so I thought this is a great way to start.

The pizza dough is never frozen, it is made fresh every day and you CAN taste the difference! The sauces are made from scratch, no cans, no MSG's, no added preservatives, it is the closest you can get to having true Italian cuisine, without flying across the ocean to Italy.

I watched and photographed every step of the way in making one our pizzas. First, mixing the ingredients together to make the dough, rolling it out and making small balls out of it,  followed by rolling it out flat, putting the sauce and toppings on and lastly of course putting it in our stone oven.

As I watched the pizza's rise, I thought to am I going to choose which one to have for lunch?!? :)

For all you pizza lovers, you must join us for a traditional thin crust pizza from our stone oven and if you have gluten allergies, we can make it gluten free!!

PS. If anyone is wondering, I decided to go with the classic Margarita Pizza for lunch - a excellent choice for any pizza lover!